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Rental Contract terms

There are two ways to use IanScope. The first is a rental contract.


Establishment of Contract

This Agreement is in accordance with the principle of good faith and shall not be transferred to any third party other than the Contracting Party. The parties to the contract are the lessee (the commodity user) and the PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd. The date of establishment of the contract is the date of installation and acquisition of the product along with the contract seal.

*If the contract date and the installation date differ, the installation date will be the established date.

During the terms of the arrangement, ownership of the product is still at PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd., and the lessee will only have the right to occupy and use the product under the contract.


It is a rental in the form of a payment system, and the condition of rental is to use the device by uploading data. If you pay a monthly rental fee during the contract period and extend the contract after expiration, the plan may be converted. The rental fee charged varies depending on the contract period. The basic 30-month contract charges $88 per month. You can use an imaging device that enables smooth communication with patients at a cost of $3 a day.


You can choose the payment method while writing the contract. If you choose cash or bank transfer, please indicate the tax invoice and cash receipt issue.


Termination of Contract

The basic contract period is 30 months and can be adjusted. The term of the contract shall be determined by agreement between the parties to the contract and the lessee may request an extension at the expiration of the contract. If the contract expires, you can extend it at the request of the tenant. If you do not request an extension of the contract, the contract will be terminated and the lessee will have to repair the loan in its original condition and return it to us. All costs incurred at this time are paid by the lessee and additional charges may be incurred if deemed not in the same condition as before the loan.


Disposal of renovation, number, sale, etc. of rental items is all exclusive rights of PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd. All responsibility for damages caused by taking measures such as repair and supplementation of other companies occurs to tenants who use the goods and may be compensated for additional damages. You may be entitled to use IanScope by paying a rental fee for the schedule, but the actual owner is PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd. All responsibilities for failure to fulfill the duties of a good manager, such as not paying rent or paying attention to the loan, shall be borne by the lessee, that is, the commodity rental user. In addition, even if you have obtained the right to occupy the goods through lending, you shall not manufacture or sell any of the same or similar items as the items borrowed from this Agreement to others.

Compensation Repair Regulations

The warranty period for free repairs is one year from the date of establishment of the contract, and if the replacement fails within one year of our repair, it can be repaired free of charge. If a failure occurs during normal use within the warranty period, it may receive free service and a refurbished part may be used to repair the product. However, consumables are excluded from the free service. If a product is lost, damaged, lost, damaged, or seized due to the attribution of the product user, the lessee may charge PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd. for repair, business trip or replacement purchase of the product. 

Follow the Consumer Protection Act and Consumer Damage Compensation Regulations
Expenses to be paid by the lessee may be substituted by the deposit paid at the time of the contract, which may be determined in advance by terms and conditions at the time of the contract.

The lessee may preferentially propose the installation location and schedule of the equipment in the contract. *The schedule may not match due to external factors such as delayed delivery.

PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd. provides guarantees for products in accordance with the consumer dispute settlement standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission. IanScope is a product made through certain quality control and inspection process and can be protected by relevant laws, consumer protection laws, and consumer damage compensation regulations if damage occurs to tenants related to this contract during the contract period.

Purchase the IanScope

When the contract is established, the buyer has ownership of the product.
Purchasers have ownership of purchased products only, and development and copyrights are owned by PICASSOCUBE Co., Ltd., so using this product for business purposes, manufacturing and selling similar products, etc. are prohibited.

If you want a partnership such as product research, development, sales, advertising, or promotion, please register through the inquiry page, not purchase.


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