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Q3. How do I use voice control commands?

On the activation screen, click the microphone icon in the upper left corner → In the popup [Do you want to allow Ianscope to do the following?] click [Allow]. Voice control activation complete!

After this process, you can activate/disable it by clicking on the Microphone icon when using the app later.

Q4. How can I search for the captured picture?

Click the Home button on the top left of the app screen to search the data by customer or date.

Q7. Will all the uploaded materials be stored safely?

Yes. All data will be stored on Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud servers which provide the world's best security systems, so you can use them without worrying about data leakage.

Visit IanDrive Homepage

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Q5. How can I check the captured picture?

If you enter the Gallery section on the left side of the app home screen, you can check the data using functions such as All/Video Only/Image Only/Search.

Q6. Can only medical personnel use Ianscope?

Yes. The app is only available to medical personnel with license numbers so that medical information can only be shared among verified individuals.


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