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Write your own
unique report.

Sometimes you might feel satisfied with the treatment or surgery you have performed, and sometimes you might be disappointed. Regardless of the outcome, these are valuable experiences in improving your skills and should be preserved. Write your own report and upload it. When you write a high-quality report, your colleagues will be happy to press the Like button.

React and review
other's reports.

Dentists face countless cases just like other sub-medicals. You are meeting new cases almost every day. There's a lot of dental data in IanDrive. You can check many cases and study them conveniently beforehand from the eyes of other dentists.

Communicate with others.

Sometimes you may feel unsure about your treatment. By using IanDrive, you can quickly ask your colleagues' opinions with just a few clicks, without having to search throughout the whole community. You can also exchange a simple joke or two. Second-hand transactions within local-based communities are also welcome. This community belongs to you.

Log in with any device you want.

It doesn't matter which device you use to access IanDrive. It can be accessed with any device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet PC, smartphone, etc. Feel free to access whenever and wherever with whatever equipment you want.

How to Use

IanDrive Report Writing Manual

with membership

•Access the IanDrive homepage.

•Enter the LOGIN page and click the Sign-Up button at the bottom.

•Read and accept the terms and conditions for membership and move on to the next page.

•When you complete the subscription, you will receive a notification mail to the email address that you wrote on the subscription.
•After identifying the license number and business owner registration license, we will send you an approval mail.

•Members who receive the approved mail can use IanDrive service.

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D1_mob.PNG (6).png

Email should be written in the form of an email containing an @domain address, not an ID. After signing up, instructions will be sent to your email address for license authentication.

Nicknames are revealed when you create posts or comments. You can set it up freely, but once you set it up, it cannot be modified.


Please enter the correct real name for an identification process for license verification. While using the platform, the name is not disclosed.

When you click the hospital box, pop-up box opens for searching the hospital name. Only hospitals that have completed IanScope's contract can be searched. You must select a hospital if you want to upgrade from associate to full member to create a post.

* An associate who does not select a hospital can only check other members' reports.

After signing up, additional authentication links for license number verification and business license verification for hospital operation are required.

* This will also be notified by email.

Write new report

•It is a function for sharing cases with other dentists or for personal charting.

•You can create a report after logging in.

*Members who have not completed the IanScope contract cannot make a new reports as associate members.
•On the bulletin board, select Classification and set the subject, patient age, and gender categories.
*Setting the category is not required, but it is easy to search for reports or charts.
•Create a post.

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My Page

•You can see reports that you saved temporarily in the "Creating" on my report on My page and reports that you are currently "Publishing" to other dentists.
•You can re-check the history of reading other people's posts.
•Pictures uploaded to the report are gathered and can be documented to show patients.
•You can check the photos selected as consultation materials on IanDrive or the consultation materials on the IanScope app.


•You can search for a report by searching for a tag or title yourself or by applying a set category as a filter.

•When you select a tag, reports with the same tag are automatically retrieved without having to enter them in the search bar.


•On the mobile screen, you can access the Settings tab at the bottom to see my information.
•On the Web screen, you can view my information by clicking the arrow to the right of the Create Report button.

•To become a full member after signing up, you need to select a hospital after signing an IanScope contract.
•Hospital information cannot be changed after initial setup.

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