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Use microscope easily, and freely.

A dental microscope is essential during treatment, but it's heavy and uncomfortable to use. With IanScope, you're free from the weight and additional assistance. What if the magnification is weak? Don't worry. IanScope magnifies up to 20 times, assisting you with any medical and surgical procedure.

any moment.

Patient's medical records are always important, and these records are usually kept in pictures. But you don't have to lift a heavy camera every time. With IanScope, you can take high-scale photos right away even during treatment!

your process.

When you activate IanScope, video recording starts automatically. Is there a moment you wanted to check during the treatment process? No problem! These recordings can be viewed again later, shared in IanDrive, or deleted at any time.

Control it
with your voice.

Capture and recording are all good functions, but if you end up needing assistance again, the inconvenience will still be there, right? IanScope solved this problem with voice recognition. The moment you call "Ian," IanScope will be fully prepared just to help you.

You don't have to
back up the data.

All data filmed with IanScope will be stored in the world's most secure cloud service, AWS cloud service. So you don't have to worry about losing these materials. These materials can also be easily uploaded to IanDrive, a social platform dedicated to dentists.

But don't worry. This information will not be disclosed anywhere without your consent.


KC(Korea Certification)

Conformity Test Completed!

-What is the KC mark?

KC stands for Korea Certification. You must obtain if you want to sell products in a specific category for the safety of the people. Having KC certification means that the product complies with the product safety requirements for electrical and electronic equipment in Korea. The authority approved by the Korea Standards Association issue this certification.


Permission to manufacture medical devices has been obtained.

Manufacturing notification filing completed.

-What is the Manufacturing Business Permission in Medical Devices Act?

Those who intend to engage in the business of manufacturing medical devices shall obtain manufacturing business permission from the Minister of Food and Drug Safety so that only authorized persons can manufacture medical devices for right purposes. (Chapter 3, Section 1, Article 6 of the Korean Medical Device Act) The upper documents contain the permission to manufacture medical devices and the details of reporting the manufacture of medical devices.

Dental x-ray_edited.jpg

How to Use

Component Name

C-type USB Cable Arm Adapter - Tablet PC

C-type USB Cable Arm Adapter - IanScope

Power Button

5x Camera / 20x Camera


Angle adjuster


Memory chip

A/S Guide

•If you're having a hard time while using IanScope, please leave your device's current status and your contact information at the address below.

Service Centre:

Before Use

•Plug the cable into the C-type USB Cable Arm Adapter of the tablet PC.

•The IanScope camera automatically powers up after the cable is connected.

•Press the power button on the top left of the tablet PC for more than 3 seconds.

•Install IanScope APP on the tablet PC and run the application.

Instrument Constitution


Tablet PC

USB Charging Adapter

USB Cable


5x Camera

20x Camera



Tablet Holder



•Both the tablet PC and IanScope must use the same network to connect.

•Make sure your tablet PC and IanScope are using the same network since the first installation.

•If the screen does not appear normally on the tablet PC after start a diagnosis, please restart the app.

•If you encounter any problems during use, stop using immeditiedly and contact customer service.

Charging the Battery

•Plug the cable into the C-type USB Cable Arm Adapter of the tablet PC.

•You can charge your tablet PC without separating it from IanScope.

IanScope Device & Application Manual

Use "Dental Mirror" together for extra convenience.

Multidirectional Use


Ergonomic Design Allows to Check the Entire Oral Cavity

Made out of Disinfectable Material


Safety Warnings and Instructions

All warnings are intended to provide specific information about potential hazards or warnings and advise how to reduce the possible risk of injury/damage.

The manufacturer and service provider are not responsible for any accidents caused by failure to comply with the instructions below.

• Do not repair or replace the device unless specified in the manual. All maintenance services shall be conduct under the supervision of a professional technician, following the manufacturer's instructions and local safety regulations.

• This device is not intended for use by persons with physical or mental disabilities or inexperienced skills (including children) unless supervised by the safety director.

• Do not cause external impact or damage to the product or battery.

• Do not operate the device while the product or battery is damaged.

• Do not turn on or off the device during the installation of the device or the app.

• Do not pull the cable to unplug the device or to perform any other action.

• All cables must be long enough to connect the device to each socket.

• Be careful not to contact the charger connection parts or battery connection terminal with conductive materials (metals, liquids, et cetera.).

• Do not touch the device with wet body parts.

• This device is not for outdoor use.

• Before use, ensure to secure the connection between the arm and the device.

• Proper maintenance and cleaning support the best performance of the device. Clean all surfaces regularly to avoid accumulating dirt or other contaminants.

• If you do not remove pollutants regularly, it may result in fire.

• Do not leave the device on for a long time.

• If you use the device for a long time, the Ianscope device or tablet PC may become hot. In this case, please pause using it for a while.

• Do not use the device in any other way than for existing purposes.

Marble Surface
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Meet IanScope.

Take a closer look.

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The stand part of the product is sold separately.

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