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legislation Issue  related to Healthcare

Passage of ‘Data bills’. 2020.01.09

The bills enable the institutions to use personal information, which will be processed to conceal the provider's identity, for research and business purposes. It is crucial for the development of artificial intelligence technologies in the data industry.


A pseudonymization in the Medical AI Industry. 2021.01. 
Since medical information is sensitive information, medical law is applied before privacy law. Ministry of Health and Welfare's Privacy Committee has issued additional privacy guidelines for patients to prevent conflicts between Data 3 bills and Medical Service Act. According to the health and medical data utilization guidelines, it is possible to utilize pseudonymized information with the consent of the information provider.


Korea digital New Deal policy and Telehealth. 2021.05

As the prolonged corona 19 allowed temporary non-face-to-face treatment for patients and medical staff who felt burdened by hospital visits under the current administration, empathy for the need for the measures on telemedicine has spread. Studies on the revision of the law on telemedicine in the post-corona era saw this change as a starting point for telemedicine to be included in the medical system. In the field of radiology, which is relatively free from telemedicine regulations, telereading and collaboration are already active.

Expansion of possibilities; Cloud platform in Healthcare. 2021.07

With the activation of fintech in the financial sector, the cloud-based big data management market has expanded further. The financial community, along with the medical community, held a negative stance on cloud adoption based on security vulnerabilities. In particular, the healthcare sector deals with sensitive information about individual health and has often hesitated about the introduction of wrong data because it could be directly related to life. With the commercialization of FinTech, the security of cloud APIs has been recognized, and the expansion of the cloud-based healthcare market can be expected soon.

Web Terms & Conditions (LOPD)

PICASSOCUBE Inc., Ltd. informs users of the website that we respect the current legislation on the protection of personal data and the secrecy and security of personal data, adopting the necessary technical and organizational measures in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data provided.


Types and Purpose of Collecting Data

Collect and save information that you enter/differently provide via the website. Software tools are available for analysis in the process of collecting data about session information and Internet connections. Specifically, the types and purposes of information that PICASSOCUBE Inc. collects through its website are as follows:

  a. Type of data

Gather session information such as IP address, cookies, page response time, specific page visit time, page navigation method, access path, etc.

email, name, login information, and connection information for inquiries and subscriptions.

 b. Purpose of collection

service delivery and operation

aggregation, analysis and statistics for improving our service (non-personal information generation)

Specifically, PICASSOCUBE Inc. informs users of the web that their personal data can only be obtained for processing when they are appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they have been obtained. They will be cancelled when they are no longer necessary or relevant for that purpose, or when requested by the owner in the exercise of their right of cancellation. 

Rights of Users

When personal data is collected through, we inform you that you can exercise the following rights: 

 a. right of access to your personal data to know which data are being treated and the treatment operations carried out with them;

 b. right to rectify any inaccurate personal data;

 c. right to delete your personal data, when this is possible; 

 d. right to request the limitation of the processing of your personal data when the accuracy, legality or necessity of the processing of the data is doubtful, in which case, we can keep them for the exercise or defence of claims;

 e. right to the portability of your personal data, when the legal basis that enables us to treat those listed in the table above is the contractual relationship or consent;

 f. right of opposition to the processing of your personal data, when the legal basis that enables us to treat those indicated in the table above is the legitimate interest. For these purposes, we will stop treating your data unless we have a compelling legitimate interest or for the formulation, exercise or defence of claims.

 g. right to revoke your consent at any time.

If you believe that we have not treated your personal data properly, you can contact the Data Protection Delegate at However, we inform you that you have the right to file a claim with the KISA Personal Information Infringement Report Center or Personal Information Committee if you consider that there has been an infringement of the legislation on data protection regarding the processing of your personal data.

Provided, That the responsibility for forms prepared with false, inaccurate, incomplete, or outdated information shall be entirely attributed to web page users.


Obligations of PICASSOCUBE(our)

PICASSOCUBE Inc. does not send user personal data of this website to third parties. If the transfer is performed, it will be communicated to the website user (owner and affected person) and the purpose of the data transfer is specified.

The personal data that is provided by email through the link in the Contact section are registered in the PICASSOCUBE Contacts list file, in order to answer the questions or contact and obtain statistical data of them, authorizing the user the treatment of those that are necessary for its use in relation to the development of the operation or service agreed that will be mandatory, as well as for the offer and contracting of products and services, and the development of commercial actions, whether of a general nature or adapted to their personal characteristics. Said commercial actions may be carried out by electronic mail or other equivalent means of electronic communication. 


The contact mailbox of the web is purely informative, without in any case, deriving from the answer or exposure advice or any binding legal effect.

Precautions for Using this Website (

1. All the copyright of the content in text and images on this site belongs to us, PICASSOCUBE Inc.

2. The Internet domain, as well as the intellectual property rights of the website, its source code, design, navigation structure, databases and the various elements contained therein are the property of Picasso Cube Inc. to whom corresponds the exclusive exercise of the rights of exploitation of the same in any form and, especially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

3. These general conditions regulate the access and use of the website that Picasso Cube makes freely available to Internet users. Access to it implies their acceptance without reservations or exceptions. The use of certain services offered on this site will also be governed by the specific conditions provided in each case, which will be accepted by the mere use of such services. 

4. The visualization, printing and partial downloading of the content of the website is authorized only and exclusively if the following conditions are met:

 a. That is compatible with the purposes of the website.

 b. That is done with the sole purpose of obtaining the information contained for personal and private use. Its use for commercial purposes or for its distribution, public communication, transformation or decompilation is expressly prohibited.

 c. That none of the contents related to this website is modified in any way.

 d. That no graphic, icon or image available on this website will be used, copied or distributed separately from the text or other images that accompany it. 

5. PICASSOCUBE . reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on its website, the configuration and presentation of this and the access conditions.

6. PICASSOCUBE Inc. guarantees neither the absence of interruptions or errors in the access to the web, in its content, nor that it is updated, although it will develop its best efforts to, be it the case, avoid, correct or update them. 

7. Both the access to this website and the use that may be made of the information contained therein is the sole responsibility of the person who carries it out. PICASSOCUBE will not be held liable for any consequence, damage or harm that may result from such access or use of the information. PICASSOCUBE is not responsible for possible security errors that may occur or for any damage that may be caused to the user’s computer system (hardware and software), files or documents stored therein, as a result of the presence of viruses in the user’s computer used for the connection to the services and contents of the web, of a malfunction of the browser or the use of non-updated versions thereof. 

8. We do not assume any responsibility derived from the concession or contents of the possible links of third parties to which reference can be made on the web, nor guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements in them that may produce alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), the user’s documents or files, excluding and not accepting any responsibility for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason. 

9. PICASSOCUBE Inc. is the owner of the industrial property rights referred to its products and services and specifically those related to the “PICASSOCUBE” brand. Regarding the possible appointments of products and services of third parties, PICASSOCUBE Inc. acknowledges in favour of its owners the corresponding rights of industrial and intellectual property, not implying their mere mention or appearance on the web the existence of rights or any responsibility of PICASSOCUBE on them, as well as endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation by PICASSOCUBE Inc.

10. The unauthorized use of the information contained on this website, its resale, as well as the infringement of the Intellectual or Industrial Property rights of PICASSOCUBE Inc. will give rise to the legally established responsibilities.


11. PICASSOCUBE Inc. and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, submit to the courts and tribunals of the user’s address any dispute that may arise as a consequence of the access to this website. In the event that the user is domiciled outside of the Republic of Korea, PICASSOCUBE Inc. and the user submit any dispute, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, to the courts and tribunals of the city of Seoul (Korea). 

Cookies Policy

Cookies are used to track visitor movement and behaviour on a site with data stored during site visitor visits. PICASSOCUBE Inc. complies with GDPR (European Union General Information Protection Regulations), CCPA (California Information Protection Regulations), LOPD (Spain Data Protection Act), and Privacy Act (Korea Information Protection Act) and informs you about the policy of using cookies to protect users' personal information.


Regarding the use of IP addresses and cookies PICASSOCUBE Inc. It shows that the process of navigation of a user in (as in any other website) leaves as “trace” the IP address that in that session has been assigned by your Access Provider. The registration of this IP address serves only exclusively for internal purposes, such as access statistics to this website.


The IP address for the same user is different from one Internet connection to another, so it is not possible to deduce any “habit” of navigation through the pages of by a certain user. 

The web may use cookies when a user browses through their website and web pages. The cookies that can be used are associated only with the browser of a specific computer (an anonymous user), and do not provide by themselves any personal data of the user.


The cookies serve only for internal purposes, such as access statistics to this website.  The cookies used can not read cookie files created by other providers or websites. 

Types  Expiration

We inform you that we cannot use cookies for purposes other than internal purposes, and the use of cookies is entirely based on your consent. If you agree, the types of cookies we can access through the web page and the expiration dates are as follows:

a. Essential cookies
This is a cookie that allows visitors to browse my site and is required for security reasons.
Sessions (deleted at browser exit): ForceFlashSite, hs, XSRF-TOKEN
Persistent (2 days-2 weeks drive storage): smSession

b. Feature cookies
A cookie that remembers a registered visitor or customer to enhance the user experience.
Session (delete at browser exit): SSR-arching
Persistent (2 weeks, 2 years drive storage): smSession, svSession

c. Purpose of collection by cookie
ForceFlashSite: Mobile Identification, Redirect Protection
hs: security
smSession: Identify Login Members
XSRF-TOKEN: Security
svSession: visitor identification, web page stay analysis (logging activities only on that web)
SSR-caching: Site Rendering Method

Third Parties Policy

More information about cookies

If you would like to know how "cookies" work and how to check cookies in your browser other than this website, please refer to the link below for more information.

Google Analytics

The website uses the measurement system Google Analytics -a web analysis tool from Google- that allow us to know how users interact in order to improve navigation and provide a better service to users and customers. In this link you can consult the description of the type of cookies used by Google Analytics and its expiration period: 

WIX tools

Also, the web uses gateway of site management system wix platform, a web production & editing tool that improves the UI quality of the site and enables users to use our web site smoothly and easily. In this link, you can check the data processing policy of the wix and if you want to know the types of cookies that the wix platform can access, please check the following link.

On the other hand, if you interact with the content of our website you can also set third-party cookies, that is, established by a domain different from ours. We can not access the data stored in the cookies of other websites when you browse the aforementioned websites. 

Consent or not

When browsing and consenting to the pop-up about cookies policy of this main page, you will be consenting to the use of the aforementioned cookies, for the periods indicated and under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.

In any case, we inform you that you can block or disable cookies at any time by modifying the configuration of your browser, which will allow you to refuse the installation of all cookies or some of them. Below, you can find information on how to manage the use of cookies depending on the browser used: 





Safari Mac iPad.iPhone

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

If you reject them you can continue browsing our site, although the use of some of your services may be limited and, therefore, your experience may be less satisfactory. 

We may update the Cookies Policy of our website. Therefore, we recommend you to review this policy every time you access it with the aim of being adequately informed about how and why we use cookies. 

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the Cookies Policy, please write to


IanScope Rental Contract terms

There are two ways to use IanScope. The first is a rental contract.


Establishment of Contract

This Agreement is under the principle of good faith and shall not be transferred to any third party other than the Contracting Party. The parties to the contract are the lessee (the commodity user) and the PICASSOCUBE Inc. The date of establishment of the contract is the date of installation and acquisition of the product along with the contract seal.

*If the contract date and the installation date differ, the installation date will be the established date.

During the terms of the arrangement, ownership of the product is still at PICASSOCUBE Inc. and the lessee will only have the right to occupy and use the product under the contract.


It is a rental in the form of a payment system, and the condition of rental is to use the device by uploading data. If you pay a monthly rental fee during the contract period and extend the contract after expiration, the plan may be converted. The rental fee charged varies depending on the contract period. The basic 30-month contract charges $88 per month. You can use an imaging device that enables smooth communication with patients for $3 a day.


You can choose the payment method while writing the contract. If you choose cash or bank transfer, please indicate the tax invoice and cash receipt issue.


Termination of Contract

The basic contract period is 30 months and can be adjusted. The term of the contract shall be determined by agreement between the parties to the contract and the lessee may request an extension at the expiration of the contract. If the contract expires, you can extend it at the request of the tenant. If you do not request an extension of the contract, the contract will be terminated and the lessee will have to repair the loan in its original condition and return it to us. All costs incurred at this time are paid by the lessee and additional charges may be incurred if deemed not in the same condition as before the loan.


Disposal of renovation, number, sale, etc. of rental items is all exclusive rights of PICASSOCUBE Inc. All responsibility for damages caused by taking measures such as repair and supplementation of other companies occurs to tenants who use the goods and may be compensated for additional damages. You may be entitled to use IanScope by paying a rental fee for the schedule, but the actual owner is PICASSOCUBE Inc. All responsibilities for failure to fulfil the duties of a good manager, such as not paying rent or paying attention to the loan, shall be borne by the lessee, that is, the commodity rental user. In addition, even if you have obtained the right to occupy the goods through lending, you shall not manufacture or sell any of the same or similar items as the items borrowed from this Agreement to others.

Compensation Repair Regulations

The warranty period for free repairs is one year from the date of establishment of the contract, and if the replacement fails within one year of our repair, it can be repaired free of charge. If a failure occurs during normal use within the warranty period, it may receive free service and a refurbished part may be used to repair the product. However, consumables are excluded from the free service. If a product is lost, damaged, lost, damaged, or seized due to the attribution of the product user, the lessee may charge PICASSOCUBE Inc. for repair, business trip or replacement purchase of the product. 

Follow the Consumer Protection Act and Consumer Damage Compensation Regulations
Expenses to be paid by the lessee may be substituted by the deposit paid at the time of the contract, which may be determined in advance by terms and conditions at the time of the contract.

The lessee may preferentially propose the installation location and schedule of the equipment in the contract. *The schedule may not match due to external factors such as delayed delivery.

PICASSOCUBE Inc. provides guarantees for products under the consumer dispute settlement standards notified by the Fair Trade Commission. IanScope is a product made through certain quality control and inspection process and can be protected by relevant laws, consumer protection laws, and consumer damage compensation regulations if damage occurs to tenants related to this contract during the contract period.

Rental Application
Not yet

Purchase the IanScope

When the contract is established, the buyer has ownership of the product.
Purchasers have ownership of purchased products only, and development and copyrights are owned by PICASSOCUBE Inc., so using this product for business purposes, manufacturing and selling similar products, etc. are prohibited.

If you want a partnership such as product research, development, sales, advertising, or promotion, please register through the inquiry page, not purchase.

Purchase the IanScope
Not yet

IanDrive related legislation

Our goal is to grow into a safe and inclusive platform where dentists can communicate together. Before starting your career with IanDrive, please check the agreement formulated for safe and active platform operation. Please refer to the policy related to IanDrive operation below.

PICASSOCUBE Inc. complies with all of the following laws, and all of the terms and conditions agreed upon at the accession are all covered within the applicable legislation:

Medical Law

According to Article 21 of the Medical Service Act, access to medical records is restricted only to medical personnel. It is strictly prohibited to share subscribed accounts with other people, not medical personnel, and please be careful not to cause problems such as unauthorized premise and distribution.

Article 34 of the Healthcare Act stipulates telemedicine with medical knowledge and skills that support it between medical and medical personnel. Unless the fault of the remote physician is evident, the local doctor who faces the patient face-to-face with facilities and equipment is responsible for the medical practice. In the case of the case, this provision applies in Korea, to Koreans, and to cases where Korean medical personnel practice medicine.

Privacy Law

Sharing opinions on diagnostic treatment among medical personnel is not an act of medical treatment under the Medical Act, so consent from the information subject must be obtained pursuant to Articles 6 and 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act. Personal information protection laws apply to medical records that are not patient-identifiable or medical records held by institutions other than medical institutions through alias processing.

However, sensitive information such as personal health information (medical history, etc.) must be separately divided and agreed upon according to Article 22-23. Information that can be specific to the patient cannot be included, and the patient's consent must be based on it.

Life Ethics Law

Article 46 of the Bioethics and Safety Act allows an institution (person) that holds a medical record to share a patient's medical record with a third party, not a patient if there is a request from another medical institution for diagnosis and treatment of the same disease and measures (patient consent) concerning the protection of personal information.

Public Health Law

Where it is inevitable to perform the following affairs, the head of a medical institution, the head of a medical institution, the head of a medical institution, the medical institution, or the national examination may include and process the information on health under Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

(enforcement decree of the medical act)

It is hard to classify information that cannot be identified as individual sensitive information by people other than yourself and your acquaintances. These data can be used on the premise that they are not identified at all and that the purpose of collecting information is the same.

Since it is a cloud-based platform connected to video filming equipment, IanScope, we are only signing up for dentists. If the subscription is completed normally after requesting a membership, an email will be sent confirming the subscription. You can work as a full member only when your license number and dental hospital business license are confirmed. Regular members can upload, edit, or use additional items for charting. If not verified, you can act as an associate member and access posts, but other services such as editing and publishing are restricted.

Terms of Service


IanDrive is a dental platform that focuses on the creation of members' posts and personal chart management. Therefore, we will continue to monitor the information shared within the platform and do our best to use high-quality services by our members. To this end, we prohibit certain activities, and we announce that we can take measures such as loss of qualification or restriction to members in the process of sanctioning such activities against members who violate others through posted reports or replies. It stipulates that members are prohibited from using platforms such as third-party services or business activities without permission from PICASSOCUBE Inc., tampering with, using, deleting, distributing information, damaging third-party reputation, or arbitrarily downloading content. Please refer to the terms and conditions below for more information.

Agree to use personal information

A subscription contract with the subscription applicant is concluded by accepting the terms and conditions of the subscription and the company accepts the application. Any personal information you enter for subscription is considered to be real data, and if you do not enter the actual information, you may not be legally protected by the contract or may be restricted from using this service. In particular, since it is a professional platform for dentists, the company needs a thorough certification process because it does not run a hospital or target dentists who do not belong to the hospital even though they are licensees. We would like to inform you that legal sanctions can be imposed if misinformation damages the company's service operation.

Member information is managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, the Information and Communication Network Act, and the Medical Act, and the member information may not be deleted immediately to grant opportunities for calling after withdrawal. Even if you leave the post, it will not be destroyed automatically, so please take measures such as deleting it before you leave.

Marketing information & Ad Acceptance Agreement Terms

Iandrive is a platform for the simple charting of dentists through interworking with Ianscope. Explanation of their products is essential to manage contracts and customer information because the criteria to distinguish between associate and full-time members are their product contracts. Also, please note that we are getting the necessary consent during the subscription process because we are planning to create push notifications and add new functions that can be controlled by the user.

Subscription terms

Not yet
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