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Safety Warnings and Instructions

All warnings intended to provide specific information about potential hazards or warnings and advise how to reduce the possible risk of injury/damage.

The manufacturer and service provider are not responsible for any accidents caused by failure to comply with the instructions below.

• Do not repair or replace the device unless specified in the manual. All maintenance services shall be conduct under the supervision of a professional technician, following the manufacturer's instructions and local safety regulations.

• This device is not intended for use by persons with physical or mental disabilities or inexperienced skills (including children) unless supervised by the safety director.

• Do not cause external impact or damage to the product or battery.

• Do not operate the device while the product or battery is damaged.

• Do not turn on or off the device during the installation of the device or the app.

• Do not pull the cable to unplug the device or to perform any other action.

• All cables must be long enough to connect the device to each socket.

• Be careful not to contact the charger connection parts or battery connection terminal with conductive materials (metals, liquids, et cetera.).

• Do not touch the device with wet body parts.

• This device is not for outdoor use.

• Before use, ensure to secure the connection between the arm and the device.

• Proper maintenance and cleaning support the best performance of the device. Clean all surfaces regularly to avoid accumulating dirt or other contaminants.

• If you do not remove pollutants regularly, it may result in fire.

• Do not leave the device on for a long time.

• If you use the device for a long time, the Ianscope device or tablet PC may become hot. In this case, please pause using it for a while.

• Do not use the device in any other way than for existing purposes.

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